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Please give glory and honor to God for anything that we have done. It is only through Him that we were able to accomplish the things mentioned here.

We are very blessed to be able have quality people on our USA board of directors. We believe strongly in couples ministering together and the balance that comes as a result of the different way that each see things. We are truly blessed to have seasoned people on our board who have a heart for missions and poor people. Thank you so much for volunteering your time to help us in serving the Lord.

JulieJulie C. joined our board in 2007. We have known Julie for many years and have appreciated her dedication to follow the will of the Lord. She has been active on the mission field traveling to several nations including, Kenya and Lusaka, Zambia. Her three adult children have been discipled by her until high school. She has been a computer systems analyst, Campus Ministries Director in college, co-owned a Chiropractic office, helped to start and run a wellness company, and is a bible teacher. In 2009 Julie formed her own ministry "New Life for Today" and has been full time since 2014. She has written a book "Incredible Life Makeover," following a difficult divorce. She travels and does conferences based on her book and life challenges and has a blog on her website. Her positive attitude and outlook on life is contagious! She is a motivational speaker located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. More information and to contact her can be found on her website by clicking here.

John & SandyPr. John and Sandy H. joined the board in 2006. They have been missionaries to Ireland for 5 years, pastored several churches in Minnesota. They have a world vision and a passion to raise the level of prayer and intercession. John walked America, north to south in 1999-2000 (1,700 miles along the Mississippi River) and then east to west (3,000 miles, Oregon to Rhode Island), as Prayer Walk America. They then began to do evangelistic tent crusades and prayer walk each state. Five states were prayer walked, individually, north to south and east to west in one day by coordinating with many churches. Dave and I were part of the tent team (and Dave was part of the board of directors) and participated in the Florida and Georgia prayer walks. (This was featured in our Spring 2002 newsletter in the article "Tent of Meeting.") The tent has been sold. John has also completed walking from the west coast of Portugal to the west coast of China in 2008-2009 where they took the train to the east coast of China due to governmental restrictions. And so John has walked literally around the globe West to East. After that John made a trip to the North Pole in 2016 to pray and plant a flag "Appeal to Heaven," and then to the South Pole in 2017 to do the same (He is on the right in the picture.). Thus he has literally taken the gospel to the extreme ends of the earth! His testimony is that he has seen the signs of the spread of the gospel even at the ends of the earth! They began another walk in November 2018 from California to New York along the old route 66, which was completed in October of 2019. Each walk has been for the sole purpose of raising the level of prayer and praying for each area walked and the church. Look for him near you! Their walk of faith has repeatedly encouraged ours! In some ways he reminds us of Jeremiah and Hosea who were asked to physically demonstrate God's will. We are grateful that they have continued to remain on our board of directors. Their four children are all serving the Lord wonderfully.

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