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Please give glory and honor to God for anything that we have done. It is only through Him that we were able to accomplish the things mentioned here.

KeatingsDave and Connie Keating, both ordained ministers, and raised in Wisconsin, have been missionaries for nineteen years (2000 to 2019), the first five years going from two to ten weeks, traveling mostly to South Africa. In South Africa, they have done various types of construction, taught in South Africa's Maranatha Bible College, worked with young married couples, have preached and ministered in many local churches throughout the country, and have participated in several pastoral conferences, college graduations, general meetings, etc.

In March 2005, Dave and Connie traveled to South Africa and Zambia to participate in medical crusades (providing medical supplies, care and medicines) with a group from Christ the Rock Metro Church in Memphis, Tn. with American doctors and nurses and indigenous medical personnel to provide services the country Zambian people could not otherwise afford. At the same time they visited Victory Ministries, International in order to preview the ministry before making a final commitment to move to Zambia to assist in the ministry.

Dave and Connie moved to Zambia in July 2005, and have completed their committment of two years to administrate Victory Ministries, International. Dave administrated the ministry as well as the bible school while Connie did project management and was a secretary to the founder.

The Keatings have continued in Zambia. From 2008 to 2015 they worked with an organization called Missions Touch Ministries and have also had the privilege of working with four new ministries from the United States. Feeding The Nations works with other ministries to provide containers of food and medical supplies. In 2008 there were four containers, by 2015 there were 10 containers which fed about 45 community schools (12,000) children in the Lusaka area a hot meal 5 days a week during school. Food was also distributed to widows in several churches, the children of the blind and lepers, police officers in the 10 provinces and some was given to women in several of the prisons. They also distributed medical supplies to at least 8 clinics and one hospital. Clothes and shoes have been distributed to about 30 schools and some in the "bush". They worked with a USA ministry who finished one community school and started another in the Copperbelt Province. A well was installed at one of the "bush" schools. They administrated the funds for feeding the children, teacher allowances and building projects. The one school has been completed and is now operated by the local church there. The other one has not been completed because funding was not provided but the village operates the school. They also helped to build a school in Lusaka and, another USA ministry fed the 540 children at Luminary Community school (in 2014, which grew to 1350 students by 2019, 600 students have no parents).

As of 2019 these items in Luminary School have been completed - 7 classrooms, 2 teacher rooms, the wall fence and gate, and the outdoor kitchen. The Zambain government has put in toilets that will flush when the water is connected to the holding tanks. A new well was dug by a USA ministry as the one we dug no longer functions. The large meeting hall is finished - just needs glass in the windows and mortar on the walls. The hall is currently used as three classrooms. We still hope to paint the buildings. It is amazing to see the difference we have made in Kakolo since building the two classrooms - there a re now businesses starting to build small buildings near by and the government has made this area an area for commerce.

From July 2014 to December 2018 we suffered some major set backs but have now worked through most of it.

We are (late 2018) in the beginning phase of working with Creator's Touch Ministries Zambia Trust, a new Zambian corporation which Dave and Connie have started. The orginaizational structure is more secure. We have wonderful Zambian men as trustees who are trustworthy. We would like to continue feeding at some schools though at least 5 have closed in the last few years. Hopefully we can begin again sometime in 2020 as some things must be put in place first. We also plan to start a bible school using Andrew Wommack's first year and the continuing education for ministers curriculum. We would like to work with the AWMI Lusaka office so that students can obtain their official papers from them. It will be supplemented with other teachings and hopefully international guest speakers. Our hope is to eventually add practical skills to the bible school.

Dave preached in Tsabong, Botswana in 2016 and Dave and Connie ministered in Migowi, Malawi in 2017 and we have invites to return there for more leadership training. Plans are now being formed for our return sometime in 2020. We met a pastor from Sri Lanka and he would like us to travel with him into India and Sri Lanka. India is one of the most unreached areas of the world with 2289 people groups yet to reach! (Joshua Project.com)

You can read about our travels and work in Zambia and what is happening on the News pages, and see the pictures in the Picture Album.

On the home front in the USA, Dave and Connie have been active in their local church helping in almost any area needed (1992-2005), have run a food distribution program for four years (2000-2005), have participated in jail ministry for several years, have held home Bible fellowship/cell groups (for more than 13 years) and have worked with other local pastors and churches in community-wide events, have served on the local pastoral association, and participated in other ministry events.

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