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Please give glory and honor to God for anything that we have done. It is only through Him that we were able to accomplish the things mentioned here.

We belive that God has only one body. We cannot be an island unto ourselves and be effective. Therefore we endeavor to network with other ministries. We would like to feature the ministries with which we network. To visit their ministry websites click the active link or visit the "Links" page.

AWMI Andrew Wommack

Andrew Wommack Ministries International Dave and Connie took the Colorado Bible School Correspondence (renamed Charis Bible College) course in 1999-2000. They have followed this ministry and been radically changed because of his various teachings. They currently see Andrew on "God TV" via "free to air" satellite TV. Andrew Wommack has given Dave and Connie permission to use this correspondence course to train pastors, leaders and others in Zambia. In 2018 Dave and Connie also took the "Continuing Education for Ministers" program.

CVII logo
CVII logo

Children's Vision International, Inc. (CVII) Ann T. and Connie were on the Northwest Wisconsin Area Board for Women's Aglow Ministries in 1986-1992. In 2000 Connie lead a missions trip from her church to their orphanage facilites based in Bogota, Colombia. They currently house over 200 children from birth to teen age that have been gathered from the streets of Bogota. When we moved to Zambia this ministry provided a computer, four boxes of blank paper, wrapping paper, blankets, vitamins, medicines and other things. They are involved in education, humanitarian aid, medical care and hunger relief in Bogota, Coombia.


Colombia Para Cristo is the ministry of the Stendal family in Colombia, South America. Dave and Connie met Chad and Pat in Minnesota in about 1990. They have kept us on their mailing list all these years. In January we received one of their newsletters in Zambia which gave us the email to contact Russ (their son) regarding some radio transmitters that were for sale in Zambia. Russ and his two sons, Russ Jr. and Dylan, and a friend came to see the transmitters. They met Dave C. who was in Zambia helping a radio station in another town. Russ currently runs AM, FM and shortwave radio stations in Colombia and surrounding nations. Russ and his family have been in Colombia for 50 years and Colombia has been in conflict for that whole time. He has been kidnapped and jailed many times and has ministered to the communist guerrillas, the para-military, and even the Colombian army as well as many others. He has written many books and they are available from for kindle and nook. He now has a place in his heart for Zambia and Africa.

Dr. Stephen S. and Keatings

Feeding The Nations is headquartered in Indiana. It was an arm of Lester Sumrall Ministries now headed by his son, Dr. Stephen S. They currently ship humanitarian aid (food and supplies) to about 35 countries world wide. We connected with this ministry through a divine connection in February 2008. We administrate the distribution of containers of food and supplies to 35 orphanages and community schools in Zambia, feeding about 12,100 as of January 2014. Feeding stopped in 2015 due to internal conflict within the ministry in Zambia. They also help to send containers of medical supplies which we distribute to clinics and hospitals. At some point we may re-start this humanitarian aid. They are also on Facebook and Twitter.

Jesus and Company Book

Friendships. While we are not directly related to this ministry, it has had an effect on us. We read their book "Jesus and Company" and as a result we began to feed people one family at a time, then the food distribution. The book contains many testimonies of walking in faith that have encouraged us to forge ahead when the supply doesn't seem to be there. This ministry currently has 5 ocean going vessels and by faith delivers shiploads of donated goods to countries around the world in need. They believe for crew, fuel for the ships, and even the cargo! It is an inspiring ministry!


Pr. Phil & family.

Pr. Phil is senior pastor of C3 church in Long Island, New York. We met Phil when he came to our church to preach probably in the early 1990's. We felt a "kinship" with him and asked to go on a missions trip with him that would allow us to work, not just observe. We went to South Africa the first time in 2000. We then returned to South Africa on our own but always checked to see if there is something we can help with while in the country. We also met Dr. Nevers M. through Phil while attending the Missions Conference at Christ the Rock Church where Phil was a missions pastor at that time in Tennessee. Follow C3 also on Facebook.

Al & Wanda

Pastors Al & Wanda

Reaching Out Ministries. We have appeared on their cable TV program many times. The church is located in Wisconsin. Reaching Out Ministries began their food distribution several months before we did and they provided the contacts for us to obtain the food for our Coulee Region Food Distribution. They continue to distribute food each week and you are welcome to get food if you live near Whitehall, Wisconsin.

John & Sandy

Pr. John and Sandy

World Prayer Walk. We worked with John and Sandy and Prayer Walk America as board members for four years in 1999-2003. In 1998-1999 we walked with John three times as he walked the United States in prayer in the form of a cross - from North to South (1700 miles) and West to East (3000 miles) to raise the level of prayer in America. In 2000-2001 we did 5 state prayer walks that included a very large tent. Our responsibility was to help the tent man put up the tent and help the corporation with financial books and official papers and filings. The tent was sold in 2005 to Cutting Edge Ministries in Canada for youth ministry. John and Sandy joined our Creator's Touch Ministries board in 2006. They have been missionaries in Ireland and have a global view of ministry. December 2008 to Dec 2010 John prayer walked from the west coast of Portugal to the east coast of China, a journey of over 10.000 miles! Then they walked Route 66 from California to New York. They have pastored a church in Minnesota.

World Children's Fund sponsored the feeding program at Luminary School from 2009 through 2013. They gave us funds to put up the wall fence and the larger gathering room. They also helped to ship some of the rice containers and funded the wells at Luminary School and Kakolo Village.

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