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Please give glory and honor to God for anything that we have done. It is only through Him that we were able to accomplish the things mentioned here.

Message Updated January 2019

This is Chapter 16 of Dave's book "Zambia (Prophetically Speaking) On the Move."


Let's talk about changes and the impact that they have on our lives. Change affects us individually, our families, our churches, and even our nation of Zambia, as well as other nations.

Change is inevitable. Some changes we can control; some we have no control over. Change is good when we view it from a Godly perspective or Godly point of view. Most of us don't like change. Most of us would like to stay where we are at and stay comfortable. Most change brings about challenges for us to deal with. Some of our challenges are simple and easy to deal with, others become very challenging and much more difficult to overcome. Some challenges we face because of our own cause or fault. These are not the devil's doing. Our flesh or attitudes just get in the way. They are not caused by God either. God is not the cause of your every challenge or issue. The Bible says that we will have trials and tribulations. John 16:33 In the world you shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. Acts 14:22 that we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God. Some challenges that we face are actually set up by God.

Genesis 37:5 And Joseph dreamed a dream, and he told it to his brethren; and they hated him yet the more. The dream was of God. Then Joseph dreamed another dream from God. Joseph's brothers envied him and his father rebuked him. There are challenges and issues that we are facing that we may not understand all they mean. We won't always understand the cost or price of sacrifice that we will pay along the way. But if it is of God, He has only good things in store for us. If that challenge or issue was meant to cause you harm, it is not of God, however, God will turn it around for good for those that love and serve him. In either case, we will be winners. We are overcomers. There is something that God wants to add to our experience in the middle of that challenge or issue that will be good for us and will help us to fulfill his destiny and plans for our lives.

Some challenges we can avoid or at least minimize the impact. For some challenges, we cannot go around them, we can't jump over them; we can't crawl under them, or bypass them. It is like football or soccer. Once one is on the field as a player, the only way to be successful is to go through the defense and obstacles. Matthew 11:12 says The Kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by force. As a Christian, we do not go into the enemy's camp to negotiate or hold a tea party. We go into the camp to take back what he stole from us, that which was rightly ours to begin with.

Change is inevitable. Change creates challenges. We cannot continue to operate in the new season like we have in past seasons. Things are different now. It will be no longer things as usual. We have already begun to see a fresh anointing and a new release of the Holy Spirit. We can easily observe how as a body of believers, we are handling these challenges. We will do just fine. The dynamics are different for us in the new season. There are changes happening all around us and more are on the way. We can no longer stay the same. We can't take rest in what God has done on our behalf already. Where we are today is not our final destiny. God has so much more for us, as individuals, families, as our church, and as our nation. God is preparing Zambia for something a whole lot bigger and better than most of us realize. We are a people transitioning to a new season. In this transition, we must be transitioning as well. How we handle the transition as individuals will tell a lot about how we will handle the new building, growth, and assignment that God has for us as a nation.

We need to encourage each other to embrace the challenges ahead for each of us individually and corporately as the Body of Christ. We must not try to hide or depart from them. We are in a new season, which is a season of change and a season of preparation. Embrace the season. Embrace these challenges. Be willing to embrace them as Christ was willing to taste death on the cross. Some of us just want a taste test where we just nibble a little bit. Nibbling or taste testing requires no commitment. Jesus was said to have tasted death for us. This was certainly not a nibble. One can easily decide not to participate any longer. This becomes too easy of an out for us.

Like most people or churches, or even nations, we want to climb right to the top of the mountain. Let's not be in too big of a hurry. If we climb to fast, we will miss all of the scenery and not be willing or able to sustain once we get to the top. Climbing the mountain helps us to develop the character traits, shedding some bad habits or practices and acquiring some Godly insight and wisdom, developing the fruit that will be needed to sustain us at our destiny. Some times we see the same scenery over and over and just keep going around and around the mountain because of our stubbornness and disobedience. At that pace, we would never get to our God appointed destiny. We must learn from our mistakes and move onward and upward. We must keep pressing in to that calling, even that high calling in Christ.

These challenges that we are facing now and those that are ahead of us can become our greatest opportunities for those willing to embrace them. Challenges provide opportunities. Not many opportunities will come our way while we are at home sitting in front of the television waiting for something to happen. Not many opportunities will come to those coming to church just to fulfill an obligation or to warm the seats. We must get busy. Kingdom opportunities come to those who are busy about their Father's business, the Kingdom of God. Participation and volunteering in the church and community is critical to our development in this new season as well as in the growth and development of our churches and nation.

I believe that God is greatly expanding the ministry of the saints from the altar to the people. There is a rain cloud forming. This rain cloud carries the glory of God. Elijah's servant did not see the cloud forming until the seventh time. The cloud of His glory was difficult for the servant of Elijah to see. On the seventh time, the servant began to see a small cloud about the size of a man's hand. This is a cloud that can only be seen by those who are hungry for God and by those who are thirsty for more of him. We must have a hunger and thirst for more of God. Elijah saw this cloud, started running, and was able to overcome Ahab and his chariots. Start running hard after God putting His ways far above our ways and we will overcome those critical about what God is doing through His people. We must be hungry and thirsty and we must have eyes to see.

Joseph had to face many challenges in his life, but see where his obedience and faithfulness took him. He became second in command of all Egypt, rescuing his brothers to become the twelve tribes of Israel. We may not well understand what God has in store for us; we certainly won't know the entire cost that will be required of us, and we won't fully understand where He is taking us, but we will know that God is taking us somewhere. All things work out for good for those that love and serve Him.

These challenges will bring that which is deep down inside of us to the forefront. When put in a tough situation, when given a bad set of circumstances; that is when we can learn more about ourselves. That is when many of our personal character traits are exposed. God develops them during the challenges. We each walk through our own set of situations and circumstances where we get the opportunity to develop our character. We become more exposed through the challenges we face. More of our real character begins to show itself. On food we put different seasonings to give the food flavor. In life, the seasoning is character development that sets us apart from all others. We are uniquely and wonderfully made. We are set apart unto God. We are a peculiar people, royal priesthood, holy nation, sons and daughters, children of the most High God, and born again with a new nature, the old nature passed away. Deep inside there are gifts, talents, blessings of God, and great potential to do mighty things through God. There is such great potential in each of us, in our families, in our churches, and in our ministries that God wants to release in us. God has a plan for each of us. He has a plan for our church. He has a plan for Zambia and all nations.

God is strategically repositioning His people for a season down the road that God wants to get His people ready for. The same is true for churches, cities, and nations. Everything that we did for the Kingdom yesterday was important. What we are doing today is important, but there is another day where there are a people that God will want us to minister to. We will be able to respond to them because we have already walked through that area and will know what to say and what to do. All things are possible with God.

God already knows how we will react or respond during these challenging times. God wants us to know more about ourselves. When the pressure is on, these things come forth. God wants us to know how we will react or respond to situations and circumstances so that we would be better able to stand in the season sometime down the road in the future. There is a season down the road when we will be able to look back and see the work that God has done. Through the uncertainties of change, we will find out what we are really made of.

We will need to know who we really are in Christ. We will need to know what He is able to do through us. We will need to know how strong we really are. God lets us see the real us through the character traits in the middle of our greatest challenge. This is the time for our preparation for promotion. The greatest promotions will start or be birthed while in the middle of these challenges. We must begin to see the opportunities in the midst of these experiences.

Change is here. There are things that God has placed deep within each of us that need to come out. Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. There is a pressure building around us in the world. The world is getting darker and darker and it is becoming harder to follow the Christian walk. I would like to suggest that there is also a pressure that is building on the inside of us. The pressure on the inside is becoming greater than the pressure that the world can exert. This pressure is the building of a great and mighty river. Out of our bellies shall flow rivers of living water. When the Holy Spirit flows out of us like a river, we will not be able to contain it. It will probably really mess us up. These are end times and a double portion of the anointing is about to prevail. It will no longer be a drip here and there. It will no longer be just a small stream. That may have been okay for prior seasons but we must be ready for the seasons ahead. It is time to allow the Holy Spirit to pour out through us in new, unique, and refreshing ways. There are some things that God has invested in us that need to come out during this time because we will need to know more about them and how to use them in the next season.

He is not finished yet. We have not come into the fullness of times or into the fullness of His Spirit. There is still a whole lot more there for us. From the beginning, God is taking us somewhere. Many of us don't like all the changes. Change is inevitable. Change creates many challenges. These challenges provide some of the greatest opportunities for everyone involved. We often miss the opportunities because we become too focused on the challenges, grumbling and complaining.

There is a remnant generation that is about to step out of their past and into their future. Where doors have been closed in the past they are now opening. Situations and circumstances are going to be turned around in our favour. Finances are about to be released. We must choose to step out of our comfort zone and into God's zone. We must think like God with the mind of Christ, moving with the Holy Spirit, and acting like the Church that He has called us to be. We must step out of those traditions that do not produce life. Noah was told to bring out of the ark those living things. We must stop the programs that hold us back from true fellowship and intimacy with God.

We should begin to see ourselves from God's perspective. We should begin to see ourselves saying the things that God says in His Word and through the Holy Spirit. We should begin to see ourselves doing the things that Jesus did. We should see ourselves as a church in the book of Acts.

Those who are willing to step out of their past and into their future, those who are willing to embrace the challenges before them, and those who are willing to put more sacrifice on their sacrifice are those whom God can mightily use in this new season.

Prayer and Declaration:

Lord, help us to encourage each other to embrace the challenges that we face and will face as individuals, families, our church, and as a nation. Change is occurring all around us. We are transitioning to a new season which requires change and preparation.

Lord, help us to understand that these challenges that we are facing now and those that we will face in the future are propelling us into new opportunities in you. We believe that these challenges will bring out that which is deep down inside of those that believe. We thank you Lord that these opportunities will become our promotion.

Blessings, Pr. Dave Keating

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