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Please give glory and honor to God for anything that we have done. It is only through Him that we were able to accomplish the things mentioned here.


This food program ended in February 2005 due to Dave and Connie Keating accepting an opportunity in long term missions to administrate Victory Ministries, International in Lusaka, Zambia, Africa. (Please see the "Zambia", "News" and "Picture Album" sections of this website for further information regarding their current mission time in Zambia.) Every effort was made to find someone in the area to continue the food distribution program. We were not able to locate another non-profit, tax exempt organization that would take on the administrative and financial responsibility necessary. Additionally, our arrangement with our local church ended and finding new distribution facilities was proving to be almost impossible.

Distribution Distribution Distribution

Unloading the food.

Registration Table
Arlene Franck, Janiece Ness, Joanne Rice.

Volunteers preparing food.
(Pr. Larry Lotz in blue).

Distribution Distribution Volunteers

County Nutrition giving food samples.

Many volunteers help.

Taking food home.


The purpose of the Coulee Region Food Distribution Program is to provide on a voluntary basis, a variety of basic surplus food products, to those in need throughout the Coulee Region. Basic food items will be provided by networking churches, ministries, businesses, other resources, and volunteers in this practical outreach to people from all walks of life. The general public is invited to participate in this program with special emphasis on those less fortunate and those in need. No person shall be denied from receiving food through this program.


  • We are not a local church but will network with churches, ministries, businesses, and others to demonstrate a practical application of God's kindness.
  • To promote fellowship and unity among Christians while serving those in need.
  • Promote outreach ministry, prayer, and witnessing opportunities in a Christian environment.
  • To integrate un-churched people into local Christian fellowships and churches.


  • Coulee Region Food Distribution is a ministry of Creator's Touch Ministries, Inc.
  • Tax-exempt not-profit corporation.
  • Separate fund of books are kept for food distribution only.
  • All donations for food distribution are used to support food distributions only.


  • All food is provided in a grocery store setup with people able to choose from a variety of products.
  • The usual mix of food products is 75% fresh produce, vegetables, and bakery goods and the remainder is dry goods.
  • A donation of $15 is requested to help defray the costs of shipping, refrigeration, etc.
  • No person requesting food is denied access.
  • Over 30% of those registered contribute nothing or less than $15.
  • Started April 2001 and as of Feb 2005, have completed 48 distributions.
  • Over 1,611,000 pounds of food have been distributed (805.50 tons).
  • Over 8039 families have registered. Approximately 8500 families have been helped.
  • People from 89 different communities from WI, MN and Iowa have participated.
  • 40-65 volunteers representing over 25 different churches help each month.
  • Food left over after a distribution is given to other local agencies.
  • Approximately 70% of the registrants come from La Crosse County.

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