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Please give glory and honor to God for anything that we have done. It is only through Him that we were able to accomplish the things mentioned.

Creator's Touch Ministries, Inc. (CTMI) was formed in July 2000 as a non-profit corporation by Dave and Connie Keating in the State of Wisconsin, USA. Tax exempt 501(c)3 status was received in December 2000. When prayerfully considering the formation of this ministry, the Bible verses in Matthew 25:35-40 touched our hearts concerning reaching out primarily to those less fortunate and in need. "Touching the World" became our slogan as we believe that God will use us to touch people around the world with the gospel in practical ways.

We have always been active in our local church. We have participated in almost every area of ministry, including teaching classes, Sunday School, on the corporate board as well as the deacon and elder boards, men's ministry, women's ministry, cleaning, administration, accounting and have helped in every area that we have been asked.

Our first mission trips took place in 2000. Dave and Connie went to South Africa in April for two weeks and Connie lead a trip from our church for two weeks to Bogota, Colombia in July. We then returned each year 2001-2005 to South Africa for two to ten weeks at a time doing preaching, teaching, construction and repairs. We also partnered with other ministries. We worked with Vanguard Ministries for a year doing tent evangelism and state wide prayer walks in Florida, Georgia, Ohio and Minnesota. In the last few years we have helped to begin or reorganize seven ministries located in four different states.

The food distribution began when we started to reach out to our community by purchasing bags of groceries and delivering them to those we heard had a need. We then asked to pray for them and asked if we could help in other ways. We also partnered with our church and reached out in creating "bags" made from scraps of fabric and blankets and gave them to the homeless in our area.

In the spring of 2001 CTMI was made aware of a source for a semi-load of produce and we made the jump from 30 bags a year to a semi-load once a month. Our local church, Cathedral of Praise (now Connect Church), partnered with us. They allowed us to use their facilities for a nominal charge and helped in setting up, clean up and storage of some of our supplies and evangelization of those participating. We provided capital and administrative oversight. This distribution finished in February 2005 as we felt the call of God on our lives to foreign missions. The program provided over 1,600,000 pounds of food to the needy in our area.

Dave and Connie have been active in jail ministry, Bible Study groups, in our community Pastoral Association, and the Global Day Of Prayer Committee for La Crosse area.

Dave and Connie Keating moved to Lusaka, Zambia (in July 2005) where Dave served as Administrator and Connie was Project Manager for a Zambian ministry. In addition, Connie served as personal administrative assistant to the founder who was attempting to run for president of Zambia in the fall of 2006 (he was Vice President in 2003-2004). The alliances fell apart, he regrouped and ran in the 2011 and 2016 elections but to no avail. He was Zambian Ambassador to Canada and some of the Carribean Islands for a few years. He is currently (2019) the president of the MMD party and we believe he may attempt another run in the 2021 elections. The Keating's two year committment ended in July 2007.

The Keatings remained in Zambia. They formed Missions Touch Ministries with two Zambian couples as board members in 2008. They partnered with many ministries in the US, UK and Zambia to do humaintarian aid by helping to build two community schools in 2010, two boreholes in 2010, distribution of containers of food to 45 community schools and orphanages (in 2008 5,000 children, in 2013 the number increased to 12,000 and also includes some women in prison, some widows and some policepersons), two containers of medical supplies (2008, 2012), two containers of school furniture (2012, 2013), one container of books (2013) and so touched villages and communities. They continued to minister when asked at various churches and conferences and teach in bible colleges. Puppet Evangelism in our schools was added in 2013.

2014 to 2018 were years of internal conflict within the ministry and all ministry virtually stopped by July 2015. The ministry was dissolved.

In 2018 Dave and Connie began a new ministry called "Creator's Touch Ministries Zambia Trust" (CTMZ) (totally separate from the USA organization) with wonderful Zambian men as trustees. Ministry began in December 2018. God is on the move! The best is yet to be!

2020 will be filled with teaching entrepreneur business classes, full business classes, bible school, traveling to other nations, conferences, bible distribution and other ministry. Perhaps by sometime in 2020 we may resume feeding at schools after certain documents are obtained. We are expecting missionaries to visit.

Please see the section on Zambia as well as current news for more details and pictures.

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