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Please give glory and honor to God for anything that we have done. It is only through Him that we were able to accomplish the things mentioned.

Our participation in mission work enables us to reach out to other people from all walks of life, from any country, of any color or nationality, of any language, and whether rich or poor to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to show others His amazing boundless grace and mercy, and to illustrate His goodness and kindness in a practical way. We have yielded ourselves to serve and represent Him on this earth. We look for ways to partner and network with other churches, ministries, businesses, private resources, and volunteers to accomplish this work. We believe that by working together, we can accomplish much more than if we try to do the work ourselves.

Missions work includes activity in the local area, state and national arena, and on the foreign missions field. In fact, we find that it is prudent to serve in local mission activities before attempting to travel overseas. It is through this local mission activity that we develop the character, discipline, commitment, accountability, and faith to pursue other mission endeavors.

    Local Mission Outreaches: Finished 2005 when we moved to Zambia.
  1. Coulee Region Food Distribution Program: Distribute food on a monthly basis, in a grocery store set-up, to those in need.
  2. Jail Ministry: Conduct weekly/monthly Bible Studies to inmates in the corrections system.
  3. Coulee Region Prayer Walk: Join with others from various church affiliations to walk main corridors in our cities praying for our government, schools, businesses, churches, and people.

    State & National Mission Outreaches: Finished 2005 when we moved to Zambia.
  1. Crusade America: Develop state-wide prayer walks across the United States rallying people to pray for our nation, government, schools, churches, and people.
  2. Help organize new Ministries by developing organization documents and obtaining tax-exempt status. Help in setting up office procedures and guidelines, sets of accounting books, and the filing of tax returns and other required forms.

    International Mission Outreaches:
  1. Joined Global Day of Prayer Team for 2004.
  2. Serve on foreign missions field:
    • Maranatha Ministries Dave and Connie went to South Africa 2000-2005. Most trips were from 2 to 10 weeks. In South Africa, we have taught in the local Bible College, preached and ministered the Gospel in many local churches, participated in college and technical school graduation ceremonies, have done a lot of construction, worked with young couples, visited and delivered supplies to orphanages and grade schools, helped in the ministry office, and have purchased many bibles for distribution.
    • Christ the Rock Metro Church International Missions Conference. Dave and Connie have traveled to Memphis, TN annually 2000-2004 to meet with missionaries from all over the world who are interested in networking and working together for the Kingdom of God. We participated in world-wide round table discussions to see what is happening in ministry around world, look at ministries issues, and develop solutions to ministry concerns.
    • Victory Ministries, International Dave and Connie moved to Zambia in 2005 and have completed their two year commitment with this ministry in 2007. Dave was the Administrator of the ministry and bible college and Connie was Project Manager and personal secretary to the founder.
    • Missions Touch Ministries, Lusaka Zambia. Dave and Connie started this ministry in 2008 and helped in the formation of its official papers. With this ministry they were able to feed from 5,000 (2008) to 12,100 (2014) children every school day. They also brought in 2 medical containers, 2 furniture containers and one book container which were distributed to the students at the schools they fed. This ministry has been shut down in 2018 due to internal conflict.