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Please give glory and honor to God for anything that we have done. It is only through Him that we were able to accomplish the things mentioned here.

Creator's Touch Ministries newsletters are now available to read online. They are Adobe Portable Document Format (.PDF) files. You will need Adobe Acrobat to access and read these files. It can be downloaded from the Adobe web site.

  1. Jaunary 2020 Newsletter (.pdf)
  2. January 2019 Newsletter (.pdf)
  3. June 2014 Newsletter (,pdf)
  4. June 2012 Newsletter (.pdf)
  5. May 2011 Newsletter (.pdf)
  6. July 2010 Newsletter (.pdf)
  7. Dave's 2008 Testimony of Lemuel's raising from the dead is available online in the Gospel Truth Magazine 2010 Spring/Summer Issue at, within the article "It the Fruit that counts" pages 21-22. It is also available in the DVD "Changed Lives Africa" for $10.00 from Andrew Wommack Ministries.
  8. June 2009 a documentary DVD was distributed to many people. If you are interested in a copy please contact our secretary, Karla Miller or visit the resources page. The file is too large to include on the web page.
  9. January 2009 Newsletter (.pdf)
  10. December 07 Newsletter (.pdf)
  11. December 06 Newslette (.pdf)
  12. January 06 Newsletter Insert (.pdf)
  13. January 2006 Newsletter (.pdf)
  14. April 2005 Newsletter (.pdf)
  15. February 2005 Newsletter (.pdf)
  16. April 2003 Newsletter (.pdf)
  17. February 2002 Newsletter (.pdf)
  18. April 2001 Newsletter (.pdf)
  19. September 2000 Newsletter (.pdf)

If you would like to receive the personal email update, or our newsletter paper copy please contact us by email. We are currently posting information to the Zambia News page and Zambia Picture Album page about once every three months. Each time we update the website we email a notification to all on our email list.

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