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The newsletters are available to read in .pdf format on the Newsletter Archive page.

Please give glory and honor to God for anything that we have done. It is only through Him that we were able to accomplish the things mentioned.

Creator's Touch Ministries sends out email updates frequently. If you would like to receive emails please send your name and email address to

Creator's Touch Ministries sends out paper newsletters to our mailing list about once a year. If you are interested in receiving our newsletters please email us with your address or click on the link to subscribe and we would be glad to send you a copy. If you would like us to put you on the newsletter email list so that you received the next one by email instead of regular mail let us know. Please be aware that regular mail is sometimes more reliable than email. You will need to let us know if you change your address or email address.

We post infomation to the Zambia News page and Zambia Album page every one to three months as well as update other pages. At that time we email those on our email list that we have posted new information and pictures to the website. If you are on our email list you will automatically receive the notification.

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