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Please give glory and honor to God for anything that we have done. It is only through Him that we were able to accomplish the things mentioned.

Dave's Book about Zambia

Book Cover

Dave has finished writing his "workbook" and it is now available (Jan 2014) for purchase from our secretary. The front and back cover is shown above. The book has five chapters about the prophetic history of Zambia and then 34 chapters of prophetic messages God gave Dave to deliver here in Zambia. It is spiral bound, is about 280 pages and has scripture references, study questions for most chapters and a prayer and declaration. He originally wanted to have the book done in 2009 but it is finally done! Earlier in 2013 someone from our church approached Dave and asked when his book would be available. She didn't even know he was writing one but God told her to ask. So Dave worked hard to get it done since God confirmed it was time to get it done! The cost in the USA is $20.00 each including shipping. Contact our secretary from this link. Contact Us

The book is also available in Zambia through Dave and the information is on the contact us page through the link just above.

Documentary Available

A documentary about our work in Zambia has been produced by a local Zambian and has been distributed to many of our friends and family. Please contact Our secretary for one of the few copies she has for sale for $15.00.

Testimony DVD Available

A DVD of Dave's testimony of the resurrection of Lemuel Siame is available from Andrew Wommack Ministries for $10.00. It is item T-3007 D (Changed Lives Africa) and can be ordered from his website. This testimony is also featured in his Gospel Truth Magazine Spring/Summer 2010 online edition within the article "Story, It's the Fruit that Counts" and is on page 22-23 at

Cd's Available 2010

CD's of Dave and Connie Keating's messages are available as listed below. They are $5.00 each within the United States and $7.00 outside the US and are in the MP3 format.

    CD 1 of older Messages
  1. Battery Pack 1994 - Dave
  2. Break Out Session 1 - Dave
  3. Break Out Session 2 - Dave
  4. Break Out Session 3 - Dave
  5. Break Out Session 4 - Dave
  6. Breakthrough - Dave
  7. Buffet versus Banquet Table 2000 - Dave
  8. Dead Man Walking 2000 - Dave
  9. Expressing God's Character 2000 - Dave
  10. Gifts Open at Will 1993 - Dave
  11. God's Heart for the Poor - Connie
  12. Integrity from 1995 - Dave
  13. Macho Man from 1999 - Dave
  14. Purpose of His Presence 2000 -Dave
  15. Reality versus REality 1999 - Dave
  16. Victory Over the Unsurrendered Soul 1999 - Connie
  17. Water of Refreshing 1998 - Dave
    CD 2 of newer Messages
  1. 2 Kings 5 from 2005 - Dave
  2. Buffet versus the Banquet Table 2000 - Dave
  3. Compromise, move away from the Line 2000 - Dave
  4. Dead Men Walking 2000 - Dave
  5. Financial Testimony at Word is God Church, Milwaukee - Dave
  6. Get Up and Get Dressed 2001 - Dave
  7. God's Heart for the Poor - Connie
  8. Keep the Fires Burning 2002 - Dave
  9. Purpose of His Presence 2000 - Dave
  10. Receiving Blessings versus Miracles 2001 - Dave
  11. Relationships 2003 - Dave
  12. Shewbread 2000 - Dave
  13. Spiritual Markers 2003 - Dave
  14. Victory Over the Unsurrendered Soul 1999 - Connie
  15. Vine Dresser 2001 - Dave


Should you be interested in following public news in Zambia you can read the local newspaper online. The main newspaper titles are "Lusaka Times," "Zambia Watchdog," "Zambia Daily Mail," and "Zambia Reports." You should be able to find these by doing a search for Zambia News in your favorite search engine.

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