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Please give glory and honor to God for anything that we have done. It is only through Him that we were able to accomplish the things mentioned.

For many years we have felt a call to the nations. Our faith began with some prophetic words in the 1970's and 1980's, concerning much traveling for God. From 2000-2005 we went on short term mission trips, of two to ten weeks duration, to South Africa and Connie also went to Colombia, South America. In the latter part of 2004 we became aware of an opportunity in Zambia. Our approval process included our board, our pastor, friends and Pr. Fred B. from a church in Tennessee. We then sent our resumes to Dr. M. and we waited for the connection. Just before Christmas 2004 we made a trip to Texas to interview with Dr. M. concerning the opportunity with a ministry, headquartered in Lusaka, Zambia. At the conclusion of the interview, we agreed not to make a final decision to relocate to Lusaka until we had made a trip to Zambia in the spring of 2005, in order to get a better understanding of the ministry and opportunity there as well as visit the country for the first time. You can read about our trip on the news pages and see the pictures in the picture album. A wide door for the two of us (1 Corinthians 16:9) opened and we have worked as missionaries in Zambia for several years. Dave's area of responsibility was in administration of the ministry which included many churches, a bible college, several community schools, a pastor's association and a foundation. Connie's area of responsibility was as Project Manager and secretary to the founder. We also were lecturers in the bible college, and invited to preach in different churches. Our commitment of 2 years has finished in 2007.

2008 through 2015 we worked in a ministry called Missions Touch Minitries which has since been shut down. Through this ministry we helped to begin building one school, helped to complete one school in the bush, and another school is almost done just needing some painting and some repairs. In 2008 we began to help feed children in schools which grew to 12,100 each school day in 45 schools or orphanages. We put in a well at one school and in one bush school. Missionaries that visited did sports days, plays, teaching, preaching and evangelism crusades. We helped to disciple a youth group of about 20 youth and today about 11 of them are pastors. We brought in many containers including 2 medical, 2 furniture, one books and 42 food containers. One of the medical containers also included some clothing and shoes. Many gave their lives to Christ.

In 2018 we formed a new organization called Creator's Touch Ministries Zambia Trust (It is a completely separate organization from this USA one). We were not able to minister from 2015 through 2018 until November due to our immigration status. The ministry is fully operational with faithful, helpful, Zambian trustees, and we have be able to resume many of our types of activities, including teaching at a new bible college out of town, preaching at churches and conferences, entrepreneur business classes to poor women with small stands, travel outside Zambia and hope to start a bible school through partnering with Andrew Wommack Ministries Lusaka office. Feeding the community schools will have to wait until the new corporation can become tax exempt later in the year. We have invites into Botswana, Namibia, Malawi, Sri Lanka and India. Please review our schedule on the calendar page.

While we have limited information available online from 2015 through current, history of news, photo album and calendars could be available when requested by email.

Please read our news pages to keep up with the changes.

These opportunities fit well with the vision of Creator's Touch Ministries to help, support, equip and network with other ministries and meet practical needs among the poor. As missionaries, we will be responsible to raise the funds necessary to support our full time activities overseas. If you desire to help us in this wonderful opportunity, please see the contact and donation pages. At this time we are only equiped to receive checks on US accounts by mail. Please return often to check the news page and the picture album for new photos, which are posted every few months.

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